Each module within a track will be tailored to the age group for which it will be presented. All modules can flexibly accommodate ages 5-18, as well as parent, educator and family workshops. To host a workshop or get an estimate for pricing, please send us an email.

Digital Media Track

Medium Literacy: Different Media, Different Tools

youth We use videos, photographs, text, graphs, sound, maps and many more media to communicate with each other – but how do you decide what form is the best way to convey your message? Learn how to choose when you practice persuasion, informing, socializing and teaching when you create and examine a variety of messages using different media forms.

Healthy Digital Relationships

youth, families Whether you’re sending a text, posting a status update or sharing a video, you’re acting as part of a digital network – and you have a responsibility to everyone else in that world. Learn how you can have healthy relationships with others (and yourself!) in the digital realm.

Download LAMPlit: Guide to Healthy Digital Relationships

Commercials and Advertising Track

Make a Commercial

youth, families

Learn how different persuasive techniques are used when you write, shoot and edit your own commercial! You’ll also learn about how messages are targeted to different groups, and how to tell the difference between fact and fiction in advertising.

Break a Commercial/LAMPlatoon


Talk back to media when you remix or ‘break’ an actual television commercial. Learn about your fair use rights, plus how to edit and criticize media. Your finished video can even be submitted to the LAMPlatoon library of broken commercials, and be part of a grassroots movement demanding responsible media messages. Watch LAMPlatoon At Maker Faire 2011

Download LAMPlit: The LAMPlatoon Wants You!

Make a PSA


Make your voice heard about an issue that matters to you when you create your own PSA, or Public Service Announcement. Your PSA will shed light on a subject of your choosing, and will teach you how media are used to communicate and inspire action.

Watch “Words Hurt Anywhere” anti-bullying PSA created with New York City Commission on Human Rights

News and Reporting Track

What’s in the News?

youth, families You get to decide what’s newsworthy, and what is not! Uncover how and why we learn about current events when you publish your own print or digital newspaper, podcast or video. Download LAMPlit: Check Out the News!

News on TV and Video

youth, families

Learn about interviewing, researching, reporting and video editing when you produce your own video news story on a local issue of your choosing. You’ll also compare how news stories can be told differently, and why what’s news to one person might not be news to another.

Watch LAMP Kids News Show at PS 107 – starring Nataelle, Lucas, Kristina and Christopher

Reporting and Podcasting

youth, families Reporting the news changes when it is heard and not seen! Find out how when you record and mix your own news podcast.

Exploring Images and Video Track

Video Poem


Learn the basics of storytelling when you create a multimedia poem of writing, drawing, sound and video!

Watch Mammals v. Robots: Video Poem at Prospect Park YMCA

Making Pictures, Telling Stories

youth Focus on photography and still images when you create a visual story! You’ll learn how images can convey information and ideas, and why they have so much power in the way we view the world.

Nonfiction and Documentary Video


Write, shoot and edit a short video about an issue of your choice. Explore the different ways documentaries can be used, and learn basic editing and research skills.

Watch Answer with Action – Trashing God’s Living Room

Family Workshops

All of the tracks listed above—news, advertising and video–can be tailored as family-focused workshops. In addition we offer:

Family Media Scavenger Hunt


Families gather in a popular location, and uncover treasures hiding in plain sight. Once you look more closely for specific types of media on the streets you walk every day, you’ll never see your neighborhood the same way again. It’s a truly eye-opening experience!

View the 1st Annual Family Media Scavenger Hunt Flickr album

Family Video Workshop


Families of all shapes and sizes come together to make a video scrapbook celebrating what makes them unique. You’ll combine interviews, photos and video to create a lasting record of your family story, and share the experience of making and learning together.

Watch The LAMP Family Videos – Ramos Family

Family Digital Media Workshop


Caregivers, parents and children explore how they use and talk about digital media, and set realistic guidelines for media use at home. It’s a must for any household with kids and screens!

Download LAMPlit: Beginners Guide to Going Online

Curriculum Licensing

Curriculum Licensing

educators Schools can license The LAMP’s curricula for instruction at a low cost that includes one session of professional development. Renewal options allow for ongoing curriculum updates.

Digital Career Path

Digital Career Path

young adults Offered in partnership with OBT (Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow), this intensive program provides young adults who are neither in school or nor working with the skills they need to work in the media and technology industries, or in workplaces where basic digital skills are required.




The LAMP can build a one- or two-week camp experience for youth in various age groups: 5-7, 8-10, middle school, and teenagers. Full-day camp programs have participants exploring video, podcasting, news, neighborhood media scavenger hunts, and digital media. As appropriate, participants focus on various media-related themes: gender, nutrition, sustainability, health and wellness.

Watch LAMPcamp on News 12

Media Breaker

Media Breaker

allUse Media Breaker, The LAMP’s own online video editing tool to remix and criticize commercials, news clips, music videos and more. Learn how to exercise your fair use rights, and demand more from the people who produce the media in our lives when you break the media and change the message.

Professional Development

Professional Development


TCommon core standards and the realities of preparing young people to work in a world filled with technology can be daunting. In The LAMP’s professional development workshops, our experts will work with educators at all levels to develop strategies for integrating multimedia literacy into existing curriculum, and explore how media can be used to enhance classroom engagement and learning.

View the Digital Remix Workshop with MOUSE and The LAMP Flickr album
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